Where to buy standoffs for standoffs for universal intel motherboard to use with Corsair Hydro Series H100i GTX

Oct 1, 2018
Been looking for 4 x Standoff Screws for Intel LGA 115x/ Based Motherboard (1 1/8th double sided) to use with intel chip set 115x - and Corsair Hydro Series H100i GTX.

Cant find them anywhere online, anyone know of where to get one other then local pc shop that for some reason does not have any.

EDIT. the ones you posted are not it.. the name is universal standoffs for intel, not amd, not for the 2011s.

The silver ones in the middle are it. But cant find them anywhere. May have to buy them from corsair but hoping to find them cheap somewhere else.

Be really careful about the standoff length you put in there since it controls the pressure the waterblock mounting puts on the CPU. If standoff is too short you can break socket or motherboard...if too long the waterblock won't make a tight fit to the CPU and it will overheat. Best way is to measure critical dimensions of a 'known good' standoff with a micrometer or caliper to get it right.

Have your tried contacting Corsair Tech Support? They may send you replacements if you tell them you got a cooling kit that came without them.