Where to buy these missing RAM?


Jun 19, 2011
I Bought these KHX1800C9D3K2/4G (Kingston Hyper X Genesis) beginning of the year and now they're all gone??? NCIX.com have some but they are not in stock and well never well be... Newegg.com have them too but wont be in stock and never will be... I Searched on google and i dont really trust those 98% of the sites... Help find it please?
I would write kingston tech support and see if they can help you locate some, or if they have any left. Otherwise, match the performance with some newer kingston models. I've mixed ram successfully. Most ddr3 is CL9 and the specs of all brands are very similar. If your ram is 1.5v, then get another set of 1.5v with the same timings.