Where to Buy & What I'm Buying...Ok?


Apr 21, 2014
Ok so first off.....I know this is not the BEST pc around, lol. I custom built my own PC 8 years ago, and she never failed me once in 8 years....and I abused the hell out of her. She finally blew the other day, and even though I built her to kick butt 8 years ago and she still does (did)...she is very outdated. SO.....

I am broke as hell and don't want to build another because it has been a looong time and I can't afford any mistakes. This is the system I decided on - http://

I wanted to make sure whatever I bought had - at least a 500w power supply, a sound card capable of 5.1 surround sound, at least 8 gb ram, an upgradable graphics card if needed, and at least 1 TB hard drive.

Now my issue is where to buy it from. I'm Canadian...and the same system is available at Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, Staples, Future Shop....but they all have to be shipped. Anyone have this system? Or anyone have any bad experiences buying from any of the places I listed? Thanks A Bunch =)

PS - I AM a gamer, and I DO record, video editing, etc. Any graphics card recommendations for when I DO upgrade? Would like to stay under $200. Thanks