Question Where to find a Dual-bus m.2 E-key slot ?


Apr 28, 2017
Hi :)
I'm a student who just got an M.2 dual Edge TPU from Google Coral (it's some sort of "external cpu" for artificial intelligence), here's the link:
After I already bought it, I read this (in the documentation):
* Although the M.2 Specification (section 5.1.2) declares E-key sockets provide two instances of PCIe x1, most manufacturers provide only one. To use both Edge TPUs, be sure your socket connects both instances to the host.
I previously thought I could easily connect it to the E-Key socket (the one for wifi adapters, pretty popular in laptops), but I guess my life is not so easy now, hehe.
How can I connect this chip to any PC?

Since I want to get a new PC, I'm open to pretty much any ideas.
What I thought so far:
  • finding a motherboard with the correct e-key slot
  • getting a motherboard with a pci-e x4 or x8 slot, then connecting the chip to this slot with an adapter
  • using an usb adapter (I'm pretty sure that's a bad idea)
P.S: I'm a really messy person, I hope I made the problem clear, otherwise I won't have problems correcting or specifying something.
P.S.2: I'm not English

EDIT: I contacted the manufacter of the chip, and they told me that normal customers "are designing a PCIe card that includes a x8 or x16 PCIe switch chip to connect with an array of dual accelerators", but as a student I have no idea about how to do that.