Where to find replacement screws for HD4870X2 backplate..?


Nov 10, 2009
Hi all, I've recently switched back to air cooling after my water cooling loop broke ( :cry: ), but since originally taking the backplate off the 4870X2 i've lost the 8 screws that attach it to the card...

I contacted Sapphire to see if I could get any replacements (I said I would pay for them), but they gave me some copy-paste statement about how modifying the card invalidates the warranty (I just want some screws!!).

Does anyone know of anywhere I can obtain replacements for this..? Or even buy some screws from a hardware store that would fit..?

In any case, how important is the backplate? I would guess it helps with cooling of the chips on the back, but is it critical to have it properly attached..?

Thanks for any help.


Nov 4, 2009
simple man just take ur card and the back plate to shops where u have to try ur luck finding similar screws.see those small screws....u can find may be in optical showroom they have such small screws, electronics repairing shop , shops seeling electronic components i am sure u can try with some shops..

about the back plate for me it does not look imp. except to protect the components below it from getting damage, as its not like the backplate for nvidia cards with lots of holes to deceipate heat. just add good cooling fans on the side panel of ur case and it will reduce the temp. by 10 C. i did it this way.ideal my 4870x2 runs at 60C.post a pic of ur case and 4870x2 may be i can help u to find a suitable fan, i did lot of research before i fixed fans in my pc.