Where to install a third Sata SSD on Asus P8P67, which has only 2 intel ports ?


Nov 27, 2016
Hello, Fellows,

My computer is becoming old ( I know ), but I don´t have enough money just now to change motherboard, CPU and memory. I recently purchased a new Samsung 1Tb SSD, which I intend to use for video editing ( Adobe Premiere and After Effects ). I already have 2 other SSDs, a 250Gb and a 500Gb samsung. They are installed on the ( Only ) two Intel SATA6 ports. This motherboard ( Asus P8P67 DeLuxe ) has 2 intel SATA6 + 2 Marvell SATA6 + 4 INTEL SATA 3. I used the first two INTEL SATA6 for the first 2 SSDs. The first SSD is only for the system. The 500Gb SSD drive is for video etiding, and it was small, so I purchased a new 1Tb SSD drive. The problem is that the Mobo doesn´t have a third INTEL SATA6. I tried to install on the Marvell SATA6 ports, but the result is bad: Samsung Magician didn´t recognize the interface nor AHCI ( I use Windows 7 Pro, which recognize normally on the intel plugs ), and Marvell interface speed test was far bellow what I expected. I get above 500Mb sustained read and write on the INTEL ports, but I get only about 300Mb/s read on the Marvell and about 150Mb/s write speed, so, almost like an old Hard Disk. I have another conventional HDs which I intend to install, 2 x 8Tb Seagate Ironwolf for backup, and some 3Tb Seagate Skyhawk. Since my Mobo doesn´t have 3 or 4 intel Sata6 plugs, what should I do in order to maximize performance on this system ? I need to install the new 1Tb SSD. I noticed that Asus P8P67 DeLuxe comes with AHCI, but I can´t locate where to enable it for the Marvell controller on Bios ( May be it doesn´t has this option ? ). Any help is welcomed, fellows !

Thanks in advance !

My machine:
Intel i7 2600k overclocked to around 4.6 Ghz.
Asus P8p67 DeLuxe Motherboard
16Gb RAM
3 SSDs
Several Seagate Hard Drives.
Video card Asus GTX 780