whether my laptop has a support for M.2 port to put in a SSD?

Sep 17, 2019
so hey peers!
i recently bought a new laptop it is a budget segment laptop Acer aspire3 (a315-53-p4my) it is powered by an intel 4417u processor and 4gb ram. So as you know the specs arent great and so i decided to put in a 120gb ssd to boot my OS but i am not able to confirm whether it has M.2 port or not , on contacting acer on email they didn't gave me a confirm answer and just replied that my laptop doesn't support HDD and SSD at the same time but the community forum says that it is supported.
Can anyone help me with this ...it would be a great help!! (please dont suggest about opening the laptop as it is still under warranty.)
Of everything I've just searched for it doesn't look like you have an M.2 slot at all. Looks to be SATA only and only one drive bay, which is populated by your current hard drive. Your only real option for upgraded storage is to completely replace your current hard drive with an SSD.
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Yeah, I'm pretty darn sure that is a completely different model of laptop, despite the name being the same and the model number being real close. It you open yours up and there is a slot then there is no reason it shouldn't work, but everything I've seen for your specific model shows no M.2 slot.
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