Question Which (14-18 Tb)HDD should I get for normal desktop PC usage?


Mar 30, 2015
So I want to store my videos, audio, applications, steam games backup (my PlayStation 1,2,3,4 games' ripped discs/blurays/folders/backups) and to install some older games, Application setups, Archive files Photoshop/premier/Cubase projects and unreal engine / blender / Daz Studio library and projects (basically daily base desktop pc usage and i need at least 14Tb to 16 to 18Tb of HDD , initially i wanted to get Seagate Barracuda but it has been discontinued and the only ones i could find are Seagate IronWolf Nas (WD Red) or Seagate Exos Enterprise (WD Gold) and WD Black are more expensive so I am confused which drive to get. And not mention all this confusing information about NAS and Enterprise being used for Network based storage and server based storage and i gathered i don't need to get these drives for my need of usage..
I'll really appreciate the suggestion/recommendations as to which drive should i get.
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