Feb 19, 2011
I can get the VTX 2gb version for 260, or i can get the more reputable manufacterer, saphire for the same price, however it is only the 1 gig version. I could also get a powercolour for 200, 1gb version. I have heard the VTX use dodgey components to cut costs. Don't know how true that is however.
still the question for what brand up in the air, i would go with the sapphire both VTX and Powercolor known to have small segment materials so i would recommed Saphhire if not then Powercolor, if not then VTX

sapphire is the best partner for AMD btw so they can't make something bad

OP has already decided on a brand. ^^^^. the 1gb is sapphire or powercolor. sapphire is the one i would go with tbh