Which AAmode should i set to for best quality and fast fps

At that resolution, I think you might take quite a hit from super sampling AA. I think (though I am probably wrong on this) is that super sampling renders the entire image at double res and then scales it down to your monitor res to smooth edges while adaptive multi AA only does this for sections that it thinks needs it. SSAA was the old way of doing AA, but caused a large hit in games. MSAA is the new way which has less of a hit, but does not look as good in some cases.

Edit: I believe the 5800s brought this back to improve quality/compatibility in older games. It is not really meant for new titles.


The amount you upscale depends on what setting you use for SSAA I believe. 4x SSAA would mean the frame in the buffer is rendered at 4 times the screen resolution, and 8x would be 8 times the screen resolution etc. MSAA usually only supersamples the edges of polygons, not the interior.
Basically for visual appearance you would want to use SSAA. If you find it gives you too much of a performance hit then you would need to switch to MSAA.
SSAA works on the whole image or every pixel, which can improve quality of internal pixels, say if a crate or a boulder looks kinda fuzzy inside blocky texture etc. SSAA would improve this and give it a more solid appearance smoothness and colour wise.
MSAA takes less of a performance hit and as said would work differently on different games. Mixed with your choice of either tent or Box filters it can give decent results though.
Have a play and see what you prefer.