Question Which AP to buy


Dec 15, 2015

I have an Asus RT-3200 running as my router in the downstairs of my house however I would like to increase the signal in the upstairs of my house as such I would like to install an AP. The cable is already run so that is not an issue. The router is running Tri-Band Smart Connect (I know smart connect isn't the fastest or best I just cant be bothered to connect all my devices to different ssid's especially go back to all my current devices and reconnect them).
I was wondering if anybody knew of any AP's that are dual or tri-band and that use smart connect so that I can give them the same ssid so everything is streamlined and there is only one ssid that is broadcasted across the entire house.
Any router will work as a AP,, most have a AP setting but even ones that don't can be used.

You just need a router that you can set both radios to the ssid of your main router.

It is not the router that is "smart" when it comes to what to connect to. The end device are in full control of what they choose to connect to and they are pretty stupid. They try to find the strongest signal. That tends to be the 2.4g signal which of course is not as fast. In addition once they have the signal they tend to stay connected to that signal even if a better one exists. They have no ability to see other signals when they are connected because they only have 1 radio chip.

It will work but I tend to recommend all different SSID on the radios. That way maybe the smartest thing in the path (ie the person) will pick the "best" connection to use.