Which ASUS board for my needs?


Oct 20, 2011
I'm going to replace my ASUS P8P68 motherboard that has the original "defective" chipset.
I would choose the P8Z68-V Pro in order to have the graphic display outputs.

But this board is missing 2 things I need:

(1) No P/S ports. I need a P/S port for my IBM Model M keyboard. I don't need a P/S mouse port.
There are USB to P/S port adaptors, but I've read that there might be problems.
I want a smoothly operating keyboard.

(2) No Firewire port on the back panel. I have an adaptor that fits in a card slot. So it's not essential as long as I've an available card slot.

My Soundblaster card is a large PCI card, and I hope it would not be a problem to install with the HD6850 card.
I haven't installed it my current build.
I have no plans to use two external graphic cards.

I got the Z68-V Pro because it had the display outputs for the Intel graphics. Although I don't know if I'll use them. The Z680V DeLuxe has the P/S port but no display outputs.

I do a lot of photo editing and some audio and video editing.
I need 8 SATA connections.

My current setup:
CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K
RAM: 16gb of Crucial
Graphic card: Sapphire HD6850 (1GB)
Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Elite Pro (I haven't tried to install it on my current ASUS motherboard)
8 internal hard drives
DVD player (connected when no more than 7 hard drives are connected)
Fractal Design Define R3
Corsair HX650 PS

I've never overclocked before. But with this build, I might try it. It's not important.

There doesn't seem to be one ASUS board that fits my requirements.
I would appreciate any good advice and recommendations.

- JD