Question Which ATI Adapter for Sound Over DVI-HDMI Connection?


Jan 10, 2012
I upgraded my custom built HTPC with an ASUS M4A78LT-M LE motherboard. It has onboard ATI Radeon 3000 graphics and supports 8-channel HD sound over DVI. I only had a no-name DVI-HDMI adapter which does not support sound transmission, so I got the only one I could find from ATI. It is gray and has the "ATI Radeon Graphics" logo on it, along with the number "6140063501G". Unfortunately I am unable to find any documentation for it, but according to some shops and discussion on the web it is supposed to be for the Radeon 3000/4000 series. I read that the first adapter was black and would only work for the 2000 series. The most frequently mentioned adapter has the model number "6140063500G".

I installed the latest graphics drivers from the AMD website and the latest sound drivers from VIA. Everything seems to be working fine, except no sound is transmitted to my Toshiba LCD TV. I already checked the cable and tried a different HDMI port. I have a playback device "HDMI audio" that visibly plays sound, but nothing can be heard. Making it the default communications device did not help either. What caught my attention was that under properties it says "HDCP support: No" and also only 2 channels, even though the onboard chip definitely has HDCP 8-channel HD audio support. It says so in the official documentation, and "8-channel high definition audio over DVI" is even printed on the board.

I searched for a long time, but I could not find definitive information on whether or not my adapter is the right one. My guess would have been that a newer model number would be backwards compatible. For now I am using a 3.5mm audio cable, but it is very prone to analog interference and of course only 2 channel. This is certainly not a good setup going forward, so any tips toward the right adapter or setting would be very appreciated.