Question Which Audio Card For PC Build? Asus Strix Soar or Creative Sound Blaster Z SE?


Asus Strix Soar -
Creative Sound Blaster Z SE -
The price difference is literally £10. Is there any features that one card has over another. I looked up reviews for both these cards both which had both cards rated very highly.
If this is for a new build, you should look for the audio features built-in the motherboard.
I did consider that however the motherboard (Gigabyte Z790 GAMING X AX) has Realtek Audio which generally isn't considered as good as a Sound Card would provide?
Unless you're getting a budget motherboard, the base quality for on-board audio pretty much matches high-end sound cards from yesteryear. The only thing buying a sound card gets you now and days are features that don't really matter to the overall quality. There's also the question of what your speakers or headphones are.