Which BD-RE drive should I buy?

Donald Bronson

Apr 9, 2013
Dear Tom's Hardware Community,

I am doing research with the end goal of eventually building my own PC probably before the year is out, and was wondering which Blu-Ray Disc drive I should buy. I have seen a multitude of options for Blu-Ray Burners, but there do not seem to be any good reviews by professionals like Tom's Hardware on the subject like there would be with most other components such as SSDs. Thus, I am led to ask which drives would be best.

I intend to use my drive primarily for reading and burning data discs; however, I also want to be able to watch a Blu-Ray movie on it if I so choose, and the capacity to rip Blu-Ray movies is also desireable. I am assuming that this means I want a BD-RE drive with software, but which drive, and which software? Can anyone recommend something?

Additionally, what would be the difference between a lower-end drive for $50-$75, a mid-range drive such as the LG BH14NS40, and a (presumably) high-end drive such as the Plextor PX-B950SA? Is there any benefit to going higher-end for typical purposes, or are these drives just better for people who burn piles and piles of Blu-Rays?


Drew Bronson


in my various machine I have that LG in my living room htpc and its nice. You will need 50gb disk support for 3d bruray and bdxl for 128gb support which this drive has. My other drives are a little older, a panasonic and a samsung, and dont support 3d nor bdxl. Actually now that I think about it, the sammy is a read only drive. LoL.

Anyways, I dont think there truly is a bad drive out there, just some are a little louder than others. Make sure you get the support you need fromit, be it 3d, bdxl, or double layer.

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