Which brand makes better quality cpu? AMD or Intel?

quality? theres little difference. both have a very low fail rate on there doa cpu's. both companies say there cpu's will last an average of 10 years but i personally have an intel 80286 cpu thats over 25 years old and still works... in a compaq portable 2.

there is little real info available but its somewhere near 1% for both. silicone is a very stable medium and if looked after should last indefinitely. regardless of manufacturer.

Yes, but I wasn't about to start a flame war, lol. It will happen if anyone who cares to start it is paying attention...


May 11, 2012
Anymore? Intel. The FX series chips kinda suck. if you want to judge performance/dollar you have to look at the series of chips, Intel has been steadily pulling ahead over the past few years.


Mar 7, 2011
To ask who makes a better quality cpu misses the point. What matters is what you need your computer to do for you. Each company has its pros and cons. ATM Intel's chips are performing better but in the long term that can't necessarily be maintained.