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Question Which brand/version of the RTX 2060 to buy?

What is the best brand/version of the RTX 2060 to buy?

  • Cheapo Inno3D

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  • Tiny TUF

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  • Some Gigabyte card idk

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  • MSI something

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  • Zotac 4ever

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Nov 12, 2015
Hello there!

Within € 350, what is a good 2060 card?

I'm upgrading form a 970 to a 2060 (non-super).
Only I can't figure out which brand and model is a good pick.

Here is a list of all the cards that are available in my area, along with price.
My budget is up to € 350.

The cheapest is an Inno3D card, but I haven't heard a lot about that brand and the cooler seems kinda cheap, so I think I'll pass on that one.
Then there's the Asus TUF one, I know that 's a good brand usually, but it just seems so tiny! I don't know that much about graphics cards, but I can't imagine it begin that quiet and perform well in temperatures.
For a bit more money we get the Gigabyte cards, about which I have heard they make quite a lot of noise and run a bit on the hot side.
Then there's the famous KO edition from EVGA, but Tech Jezus (Gamers Nexus) said it was also a mediocre card with respect to noise and thermals, for gaming then.
Then we reach my € 350 limit, with some Zotac cards. I don't know a lot about the brand, but I think I heard somewhere that the cooling for these cards is pretty good.

What do you guys think? Thanks in advance for any help :)