Question Which budget ssd ?

Feb 16, 2019
I want to buy an ssd for my laptop.
I will use as primary storage.
I have a low budget.
I can either buy 240 gb Kingston A400 m.2, 240gb WD green m.2 , adata su650 M.2 240 GB .
Or should I buy a adata su800 120 GB as they are same price in India ?


The cheaper the product is - the less reliable it is. This is true with all parts. You just can't have cheap price and good build quality in the same product. If you want both, you have to buy two devices: the cheap one and the reliable one.

As far as my personal experience goes, i'll never buy any Adata product again. I had their cheap USB flash drive which died within a year or so. I learned my lesson and now i'm using only good quality items with far better reliability. When it comes to the SSDs, i'm only using Samsung and Crucial. Samsung is king in SSD world (best performance) while Crucial MX500 is 2nd best (best price to performance ratio).

The M.2 version of MX500 (250GB) costs the same as it's 2.5" counterpart,

I too have Crucial MX500 SSD in use but mine is 2.5" and 1TB in size (Skylake build, full specs with pics in my sig).