Which build is better please?


Apr 10, 2009
Hi there everyone. I'm considering between these two builds wich are on offer from the same retailer at the same price, NZD$2449.

The two systems going for the same price:
System 1:
#Processor: Intel Core i7 CPU i7-920 2.66GHz X4 8M LGA1366

#Motherboard: Asus P6T Intel X58 Chipset Socket 1366 ATX QPI Up to 6.4GT/s ICH10R Support Core i7 Processor Extreme Edition DDR3 1600 SATAII Raid Express Gate SLI + CrossFireX 2xGB Lan 8 Channel Sound 2x1394a

#RAM:Kingston RAM 3GB 1333MHz DDR3 CL9 DIMM Triple Channel Kit

#Hard Drive: 500GB SATA-2 SE 7200rpm

#Video Card:9800GT PCIE 512MB DDR3 Dual DVI

#LCD screen: BenQ Ture1080P 22" +HDMI For PS3 1920X1080 -3 years wty

*COLOR SILVER : Glossy Black
*RESOLUTION : 1920 x 1080
*BRIGHTNESS : 300 cd/m2
*CONTRAST RATIO : 1000:1(Dynamic
Contrast Ratio 10000:1)
*SCREEN SIZE : 21.5" Wide viewable
*DISPLAY COLOURS : 16.7 million
*INPUT SIGNALS : D-sub / DVI-D/ HDM1.3 / Audio in / Headphone Jack

#Case:Silverstone PS01 Black Mid Tower with Window + 500W PSU

*ATX 6 x 5.25" bays *3 x 3.5" (int) *2 x USB *1 x Audio *1 x IEEE1394 * Side panel window with fan mount for 1x 120mm, 1x 92mm or 1x 80mm fan*

#Dimension :200mm(w) x 456mm(h) x 500mm(d)

#Sound Adapter: Feature 6-channel Intel High Definition Audio

#Optical: 20X Dual DVDRW 20+R/20-R

System 2:
#Processor: INTEL CORE 2 QUAD Q9400 2.6GHzx4 Cores 45nm 6MB 1333mhz C2 Quad Processor

#Motherboard: P45 Chipset LGA775 ATX Intel P45+ ICH9R MB FSB 1333/1066/800Mhz, DDR2 800 ,PCI-e x16, SATA II,RAID, USB, 7.1ch audio ,GbE LAN, CrossFireX

#RAM: 8GB DDR2 Corsair 6400 C5 5-5-5-18 Lifetime warranty

#Hard Drive: 500GB SATA-2 SE 7200rpm

#Video Card:GTX 285 PCI-E 2.0 1GB, DDR3, 512-bit, Core clock 648MHz, Memory clock 2484MHz, Dual Dual-Link DVI, HDCP, Smart Fan, NVIDIA PhysX Ready

*GeForce GTX285 Edition
*1024MB of GDDR3 memory
*240 processor cores
*3-way NVIDIA SLI-Ready
*2nd Generation NVIDIA Unified *Architecture
*PCI Express 2.0 support
*Full Microsoft DirectX 10 support
*OpenGL 2.1 compatible
*NVIDIA PhysX technology
*NVIDIA CUDA technology
*Dual dual-link DVI C up to2560x1600

#Case:Thermaltake Armor+ MX Black Steel Mid Tower Case with 23cm fan on Window Side Panel

*Optimized design for both liquid cooling and air cooling system
*Sliding hood with toolbox on top
*Tool-free design for 5.25" device and PCI slot
*Independent thermal management for CPU, VGA & HDD
*Cable management system for better cable routing and internal air flow
*Micro ATX, ATX supported

#Power supplies: COOLER MASTER 650W eXtreme Power Plus SLI Silent 12CM Fan Newest ATX 12V V2.3 Dual +12V1 and +12V2

#Optical: 20X Dual DVDRW 20+R/20-R

System 2 doesnt come with a monitor. System 1 seems to have an additional thing, a "sound adapter".
I am also not quite sure about the power supply-what do you guys think??

SO, please- which one should I buy?? The thing is, system 1 has a better processor and mobo, but not as good a vid card as compared to system 2.

what do I do?


Apr 10, 2009
Thank you Axeon :)
Should I get 32 or 64 bit vista, or should I stick with xp? If I go for 64 bit visa, will I have to get more ram? The supplier says 6 gig ram is an extra NZD$106

I was thinking along those lines myself-the only game I play is..er..*blush*..WoW.

I've JUST started getting into warhammer and COD4-I think a 9800GT should be fine for that? I hardly ever play games, and WoW currently takes up like 5 hours a week from my time. Its cos I'm at uni studying software engineering, and am in my first year-I expect as I progress in my studies and start on artificial intelligence and graphics and research into multicore and whatnot the system will come to be better utilized-future proofing may be a good thing?


Mar 16, 2009
Axeon is right in saying that the i7 is more appropriate in terms of future-expansionability... but I think the Core 2 Quad series are still powerful processors in their own right (Although I would recommend the q9550 over the q9400) I guess if you think you'll have a few extra bits of cash in the near future, go with the i7. You'll be able to replace that graphics card and add more RAM. (the 9800 GT will manage at 1080p... but honestly, its almost painful to look at an i7 and 9800 placed side by side)

On the other hand, 500w on an i7 system? You see, budgeting for an i7 isn't exactly the ideal approach; you end up dishing out so much cash on the processor and the motherboard that you lose out on cash to spare for your RAM, the GPU, and... your PSU. In this case, if you hoped to expand (which to me looks like the only reason you'd get the i7 as opposed to a cheaper core 2 build), you'd probably have to replace that PSU at the same time, especially for any sort of SLI/Crossfire.

I guess someone with more experience with power supplies will have to comment on that though.


Also, you don't seem to have mentioned a CPU cooler - do you plan to use the stock cooler? Intel's stock coolers are pretty famous for sucking in the metaphorical sense.


Dec 24, 2008
Build your own. You will get more for your money, learn something about your PC, and have a new feeling of self-worth when you are done. Prebuilt systems are almost never a good deal when compared side by side with a homebuilt system.



i'm going with the second one too because the psu in the first one scares me. also, you didn't say what you were going to do with it. if for gaming, get #2.


Apr 9, 2009
These builds are both a little odd to me...

Only a 500w power supply on the i7 system, and an old 9800gt, as well as only 3gb ram... 6gb is standard on most i7 systems

And whats with the 8gb ram on the core 2 quad system? That is complete overkill

Because the 285gtx is much faster than a 9800gt, the core 2 quad system would probably be faster. Honestly though, you would get a better system if you built one yourself.


Apr 10, 2009
SO, I should look at building one myself.

whats involved in that though?

I think it will be the following:

1. Sort out the parts.

Ok-I think I got this:

Mobo: Asus mobo for an i7.
processor: 920 i7
power: Corsair TX-650W ATX Power Supply, 120mm fan, Dual PCI-E
ram: Corsair TR3X6G1333C9 6GB (3x2GB) 1333MHz DDR3 CL9-9-9-24 RAM
tower: Antec nine hundred
hdd: 500gig 7200rpm seagate
vid card: gigabyte 1 gig gtx285
optical: 22x dvd writer combo
OS: vista 64 bit
monitor: BenQ T2200HD 21.5" Widescreen FULL HD 5ms 10000:1 DCR
generic keyboard, mouse, speakers.

2. Get the best price for the parts

This is a problem.
Lets try though:
Mobo: NZ$488.00 excl GST (12.5% of item)
CPU: NZ$599.00 excl GST
power:NZ$185.78 excl GST
ram: NZ$559.11 excl GST
tower: NZ$217.78 excl GST
HDD: NZ$120.00 excl GST
vid card: NZ$799.11 excl GST
optical: NZ$40.00 excl GST
OS: NZ$217.78 excl GST
Monitor: NZ$244.44 excl GST

add that up: NZD$3471 excl GST

And this is where it all falls down. Its too expensive. I dont know if it would be cheaper to get the above items in the US, get them shipped over and then I can build it myself..what are your thoughts?



Apr 9, 2009
From what site(s) would you be buying the parts? It would help to know so we can make suggestions for different components