Question Which cable do I need to power my GPU using my bequiet Purepower 10

Deus Vu1t

May 19, 2017
Ok so this is a stupid question but I just want to doublecheck so you can flame me later.

I've been using a 1050ti in one of my systems for years and it seems to be reaching it's end so I've never needed a PCIE cable since it is powered through the board. My power supply is the semi mod Pure Power 10 by bequiet and I'm looking at getting an RTX or a 1000 series GTX card now.

On the Power Supply the PCIE heading is 12 pin but on my other PSU it's just a standard 6+8. Which cable do I buy? I've dealt with a few systems but I've honestly never seen a 12 pin PCIE power slot on the PSU. I'll only need like 8 pins for the card I'm getting so I'm guessing I just need a 12 pin to 8 pin? or not