Question Which cable modem is better?


Which cable modem is better:

Arris TM1602a


Hitron E31N2V1

any info would help.

If those are the only two available, I have never had issues with an Arris modem on scores of installs. But I would suggest the Arris Surfboard S33, which is DOCSIS 3.1 v. the model you listed that is DOCSIS 3.0. I found that with some providers and plans that mattered for just a few dollars more.
That exact arris model will limit your speed but then it all depends on what rate you buy from the ISP. Many ISP are moving their "basic" package above 100mbps so Although technically a 16x4 docsis device can run about 700mbps most ISP will limit that 300mbps or maybe even less. So if it is just those 2 devices the hitron will support faster internet connections if you pay the ISP for a faster connection.

In general all cable modems of the same type "should" perform the same because they all conform to the same docsis stanards.
The cable companies also test the modem to ensure they work properly on their network so as long as you buy something from the ISP list you know it will work. Most ISP will not activate a modem not on their list since the ISP is one that would have to patch the software and they want to limit their support costs to just better known brands.

Used to be almost every cable modem had chips made by motorola but after motorola sold huge parts of its business and then those parts were sold multiple time again it is hard to say what a box that has a motorola name on it even is.
May 9, 2023
Ok, so I have both modems. I’ve been using the Hitron for several years now. My isp just sent me the Arris and upgraded my service from 200 to 300 mbs.

It seems like the Arris is older technology though; docsis 3.0 vs 3.1 and based on the copyright dates several years older than the Hitron modem.

So I’m not sure if I should stick with the Hitron or switch to the Arris.