Question Which cable to use ? HDMI vs Display Port


Jul 29, 2014
Hi everyone. So i just finished setting up my new build (with a 3070 inside).
My monitor of choice was the LG GL850. It's advertised for 144hz 2k + Gsync. I realize the Gsync is actually a certified Freesync by nvidia but that's besides the point.
I was under the impression i would be able to get all the above mentioned benefits from my monitor over the included HDMI. So i tossed away the rest of the packaging (including the display port included inside).
Upon realizing it won't let me go over 100Hz at 2k because of HDMI bandwidth reasons i looked into it and turns out that i had to disable free sync from my monitor's OSD to get 2k + 144Hz going.
And here we arrive at my question...Since i disabled free sync, does that mean i'm now not getting that effect in games where tearing is no longer an issue ? And based on some little research, i've seen people say it's better to use a display port to get all of it at once (free syn from OSD enabled, 144Hz + 2k). If i do need to get a display port cable, which version should it be certified for ? 1.4 ? 2.0 ? What's even the difference ?

Appreciate any help here.