Which can overcloked better 1*2gb ram or 2*1Gb ram ?


Jun 14, 2009
Hi i am about to make an purchase of E7400 and motherboard INTEL G31 EG31M-S2L,

motherboard have two ram slots, wat wd be better to buy an single 2gb ram and keep the other slot empty or buy two 1Gb ram and keep none slot free.

The reason i am asking this question is becase i think 2 slots get connected to two diffrent buses hence the rate of transfer gets doubled when bus speed is made twiced , for e.g a single 2gb ram operates @ 800 Mhz , so to take maximum out of it i need bus speed of 800 MHz * data, but in case of 2*1Gb it becomes 800 *data + 800 *data = 2*data flow at same speed of 800 MHz ,

Please let me know the ans as soon as possible b4 i overclocked my brain cells :eek: !

Why even bother with OCing RAM? It has no real world benefit. If you set it 1:1 (SPD 2 on that Gigabyte board) you can get CPU to 4.2Ghz with out OCing RAM. You'll probably hit only 3.6-3.8Ghz on that CPU anyways.