Question Which Car Speaker Set out of These


Apr 7, 2015
Hello I am searching for some speakers which I want to provide good bass and nice treble at any volume (not distort) and generally sound good for example with heavy bass songs, as well as treble focused .flac songs etc. I have come to the conclusion of these ones?

Which one is best?

Focal RSE 165 Kit
Focal ISS 165 Kit
Focal ISU165
Focal Access 165 AS
Hertz CK 165L
Blam 165 RX
Alpine SPR-60C
Cadence QRS6K2

Ground Zero GZTC 165TX
Ground Zero GZIC 650FX
Ground Zero GZRC 16XII
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You are comparing bare speakers, and some of them are definitely not for car setups. You're also wanting to spend couple of hundred dollars. Go to good brick-and-mortar shop, and compare how they sound, with music in your pocket.

Eveybody' tastes are different, and what one would consider a trash would be the heaven for someone else.
Having played with car audio years ago my experience was any material improvement in sound quality (not just volume) and especially in the bass required an upgrade of the whole system. The standard wiring was always a big limitation, in the cars I owned and worked on it was basically the same low grade used in the wiring loom and was the first thing to change. If you go with this project you should manage expectations that it may require a complete rewire and amplifier to get any reasonable improvement.


Jan 19, 2012
The confusing world of car speakers. For what it's worth ... I did an upgrade to my car speakers recently and, after agonizing over which to get, I went with the Alpine 'S' Series. I'm very happy with the results (I use a sub-woofer for bass). A huge improvememt over the stock speakers. The 'R' series Alpines you mention look to be even better especially if you really want to blast it. I have had no experience with the other brands.