Which case, PSU, watercooling and Graphics card should I get?


Oct 3, 2011
Hi all.

I am looking for a new case to put my system into as my current Thermal take Tsunami Dream is getting on a bit and I doubt will house my new graphics card any more.

I am looking at a budget of £100 for a case without the PSU.

I am also wanting to get watercooling as I want it to be a quiet/silently run PC, even when under usage. I have never bought watercooling before so I was hoping to get a trusted version which fingers crossed wont leak inside my case.

The system will be inside my desk cupboard which can be open when running and is open at the rear for venting, but does not have headroom for exhaust venting vertically, which is another reason I am looking to get watercooling.

I have also seen on the market fanless PSU's but they only go as high as 450watt so I doubt they will support a pc under strain when playing games such as Battlefield 3. So any information on a decent 550/650watt PSU which is silent or very quiet will be great to know.

The graphics card I am looking to buy is a Radeon 6970HD as I am not prepared to fork out the pennies for a 6990 HD.

My current build is:

My current build is a AMD phenom 955 3.2 ghz
12gb ram
windows 7 pro
tsunami dream case with 550 watt psu.

The graphics card I am using at the moment is a 5770HD. The ones I am looking at are:

MSI ATI Radeon HD 6970 Lightning 2048MB GDDR5
HIS ATI Radeon HD 6970 IceQ Turbo 2048MB GDDR5
Asus ATI Radeon HD 6970 2048MB GDDR5

But I cant decide or know which case is going to support watercooling, be quiet and cool all at the same time. The PSU's I am also out of the loop on so dont know which one to get.

Total budget for the whole project is in the ballpark of £500+.

Any help is going to be great.

Thanks for your time on this :D