Question Which Chicklet keyboard to buy ?


Jun 29, 2013
I have been using my Razer Deathstalker for about 10 years and finally the "A" key is broken. I tried to find the exact same one buy its a long discontinued model. I have done some research to find I have the following requirements:
  • Must be chicklet keys (Flat keycaps) WITH low profile.
  • Full size
  • Must have a palm rest
  • Must have tilt adjustment or fixed tilt.
  • Fully size preferably
  • Membrane or Scissors or preferable mechanical
The list is from top to bottom for requirements. I have never used mechanical keyboard and have very little knowledge of the type of keys (red/blue/brown switches). I heard scissor are better than membrane which I currently have. So I'm not very picky with they type of switches as long as they are durable with chicklet flat keys.
I checked and it seems like there is a ton of non gaming chicklet keyboard but all have bad reviews in terms of reliability (double keypress or just breaking down).
Also I don't care about RGB. All I want is a keyboard that can take a beating and must have flat low profile keys.

PLEASE HELP ME! If you have any recommendation for any keyboards, I would love to know. Keyboards that I did find but were unavailable to purchase:
  • Keychron V5 (Full size not available)
  • Anidees 104
  • Tesoror Gram XS
The following I have considered:
MS Surface keyboard which has no palm rest and perhaps apple magic keyboard? Thoughts?

Thanks again.


Mar 25, 2010
You may need to remove some requirements here, like a built in palm wrest. That is about the hardest one to find really for the specs you want, since not many keyboards offer that so you are killing your options by a lot. You may also want to think about the flat key thing, there is a reason all the best reviewed and liked keyboards are not those.

Cooler Master SK-650

Cherry has a good reputation for build quality and has their own brand of low profile scissor keyboard

Keychron K1 should be OK if you are not totally tied to a full size one with a num pad. Red switches are probably decently close to the feel of a membrane keyboard, no bump or click.

Anything from Logitech should be good also for quality.