Which Comp should i get


Jul 16, 2008
i'm going to suggest the desktop because it looks like a more powerful system and i've seen alot of problems w\ laptops.

if you're set on getting a laptop though, and you're going to buy from best buy.... make sure to buy the service plan (3-4 year)

my wife had a really nice laptop from bestbuy and i think they replaced the mobo just months after she bought it, then it was having problems again and this time she wound up going direct to hp... hp had her send it in and they sent her a replacement in a newer model.... which also fell to its dark fate of being a laptop. i think too many high end, high head components squeezed together in a tight space is just asking for trouble.

anyhow, laptop was failing again i think it was all heat related... took it to the famed geeksquad who took it in to be repaired. LOL

They had it for about a month and we talked to them 3 times and they said parts were on order each time... until they called and said "you're eligible for an exchange!''

this also followed by the words of your service contract has been fulfilled (meaning the purchase of a new laptop would entail dropping $350-400 on a new plan) also, the exchange would need to be for equal or lesser value of original laptop. in the case of a lesser value, the difference in price would just disappear, and again you'd have to buy a service plan to protect the laptop.

we read through the fine print after arguing w\ a manager over these things and found where it said "or cash value" and they promptly gave us a $1300 gift card at that point.