Which component(s) of my system should I upgrade? Or time for a new system? :)


Jan 25, 2013
So, in short, I bought a new PC straight out of high school when I was on my way to college - (it was the brand new FX-8150 8 Core) - But after 5 years or so, despite a few minor upgrades here and there, the games that are now coming out just don't have the performance that I'm looking for. As such, I'm trying to decide:

Do I just buy a new PC (with a more "reliable" or flat-out better processor like AMD Ryzen), as well as a SSD, etc? -- Or just upgrade the components of my current setup?

Currently, my system specs are:

MOBO: GA-970A-UD3 ("Gigabyte 970A-UD3"
Processor: AMD FX-8150 (8 Core, 3.6Ghz, Standard/Non-OC)
RAM: 16GB DDR3 ("G.Skill RIPJAW")
GFX: AMD Radeon 7970 3GB
PSU: Corsair 750W (Unsure Model)
OS: Windows 10 Professional (64 Bit)
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 2TB
Monitors: 2X ASUS VS Series VS228H-P

Leaning more towards an upgraded GPU and a 512GB SSD to increase FPS and load times, but I'm also starting to wonder if my MOBO and Processor might become significant bottlenecks...

In which case, I could always just get a new PC and reformat my current for my fiancee to play Overwatch and SIMS, haha!

Thanks in advance!


Oct 9, 2017
This may be a dollar late, but I need to know more info as to if you're power supply support 4th Gen intel cpu. That way you could save yourself some money by keeping your ram and GPU for the time being. You could buy and intel i7 4790k from ebay.com Link provided below:


or pay more by retailers online. and get a intel Z97 Motherboard.


Personally this system is fast. I'm currently own that CPU in my current rig and I have no complaints. Not one. I've played Witcher 3 ultra at 1080 average 55-49 fps {own an AMD Radeon R9 390x} got on sale from newegg.com for $269.00 a while ago.

Also right now it's the best time to invest in a ryzen cpu. You can purchase a ryzen 5 1600 6 core processor for about $189.99 from newegg. All the way up to a ryzen 7 1700 for $269.99. Links provided below