Which CompTIA A+ Study Guide should I get?


Apr 7, 2014
Should I purchase the Exam Cram or Mike Meyers - 901/902 Study Guide?

I already bought Mike Meyer's video courses on Udemy and was wondering if it makes sense to buy his book to go along with it.

From what I've seen/heard, the Exam Cram study guide is more straightforward and a little easier about giving direct and clear-cut information. However, I also decided to take a quick look at the two books in-store and found that Mike Meyer's book has a lot more hands-on details and elaboration. It's been a difficult decision so far since I do prefer the leanness of Exam Cram; I liked the way it structured certain topics and listed out the information clearly. It looks to be more useful for studying what is specifically in the exam objectives without being distracted by irrelevant details (in regard to the exam) like in Mike's guide. On the other hand, those irrelevant details seem like they could come in handy later on, but it results in a less organized and clearly more extensive read from what I saw.

I'm just going off of what I could see from flipping through each book and reading forums.

What do you guys think? Are there any other study materials that I should purchase or look at?
Mar 16, 2019
I'm using his 901/902 vids on udemy myself. I just finished 901 and will start reading the book to write it all down. It's helpful to have his book as it coincides with his videos so if you need a video explanation, he has it for you along with well-written examples in his book. I'm currently reading the book and is helpful to me with his videos. I as well bought Comptia's A+ book due to the good reviews on it along with watching professor messer on youtube.