Which Computer Case is the best?


May 10, 2009
I'm planning to buy a new computer which would last me around 5 years in the future.

What i mean by lasting 5 years is CPU's, VGA's, Motherboards are getting smaller and faster and more powerful, or even larger so i don't want my computer case to be limited, i want a computer case that can meet the standards of future components.

Now i know when i buy my computer case others would make a case better and my case would be old.

Also i want my case to be reliable, have enough space, very good cooling system, easy access to computer parts, etc...

At the moment i'm leaning towards the Thermaltake Xaser VI LCS because the quality is good along with good cooling system and easy removable motherboard tray, good cable management, but the price in Australia is $439

I have these choices:

1. Cooler Master Stacker 832 SE

2. Cooler Master Storm Sniper

3. Thermaltake Xaser VI LCS

4. Thermaltake Soprano FX

5. Cooler Master HAF RC-932

Please HELP and also please explain why you choose the case.

Cooling/airflow/room....CM haf hands down.

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