Aug 29, 2012
Which of these computers is the best

1. AMD FX-8120 16 GB Ram the mother board is Gigabyte 970A-UD3 and CF 6950
2. Intel Core i5 3570K GTX 660, the mother board is ASUS P8Z77- V Pro and 8 GB Ram

I think the first computer is a little better and im mostly going to play WoW, and fps games

Second one is quite a bit better

The 3570K will obliterate the FX-8120 in pretty much every application. Similarly, a single GTX 660 will trade blows with CF 6950s and beat it completely it apps that don't scale well
if it is just for gaming that you want this machine for...the first machine is the best choice.but for any other purpose other than gaming...the second one will be better.

in case you want a still better performance from the 1st machine, you can always mod the 6950 to the will be a different league of beast altogether.

all the best

Only the initial run of 6950s were modifiable. They put a stop to that really fast


Aug 21, 2010
No, wow does not get along well with crossfire. (you literally cannot alt tab properly)

I have been building PC's for 12 years and playing WoW for 7 of those, if you stick to intel and nvidia that will be your best bet for WoW performance.

Crossfire and SLI are almost never worth it, stick to a single strong GPU.