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Question Which connector cable to buy


Not even with a converter?

With a PSU like this, a converter's main result would be converting your GPU into recyclable metals. If you want to use a GPU that requires supplementary power, you need a PSU with enough wattage and quality to not destroy it and it's exceedingly rare for a PSU without even a six-pin PCIE connector to be of enough quality that you would ever want to use it in such an application.


This is the PC I bought just something temporary until I have more time just really need my 2560x1600 monitor running.

The card will use about 100 watts when under load such as gaming, your power supply and especially with using an adapter on a power supply not meant to run a card such as that has a good chance of killing the power supply and possibly something else like the video card or motherboard. You'd want a lower power video card like SkyNetRising recommended. I'd go with a 730 before a 1030 for an older OEM system.


I have a follow up question can I take my old power supply and put it in my new computer it seems like it's better than the one I just bought and it's 10 years old?

This is the specifics for the old one : https://www.cputopia.com/products/psu-replacement-fsp-fsp300-60tha-1

And this is the new one : https://www.amazon.com/Huntkey-Genuine-HK340-71FP-Switching-0A37770/dp/B012GQRT0E

Isn't the 550 watts more than the 240?
It's more than wattage, but also quality. This is a low-quality one.

Nor is it a 550W PSU in any modern terms. Since the Pentium III years, it's +12V power that really matters. This is a de facto 300W PSU because that's all it can do in +12V power. And that's assuming it's quality -- if that's a voltage switch I'm seeing in that low-res image, it ain't -- and that it's not a decade old.