Question Which CPU for System78 Meerkat replacing laptop


Jun 4, 2018
The Meerkat CPU options are

  • i3-10110U (2.1 up to 4.1 GHz - 4MB Cache - 2 Cores - 4 Threads)
  • i5-10210U (1.6 up to 4.2 GHz - 6MB Cache - 4 Cores - 8 Threads)
  • i7-10710U (1.1 up to 4.7 GHz - 12 MB Cache - 6 Cores - 12 Threads)
My Asus laptop performance is fine for my requirements and has served well. It has a few HW glitches after years of constant use so needs replacing. I use it as a desktop and I have another laptop that's good enough for the very little mobile I do.
The Asus CPU is
  • i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz 6MB cache 4 cores
The i7 option of the Meerkat is more than I want to spend so I would have to plan around it if that's really my only acceptable option. I don't do much CPU intensive work though I run over 100% sometimes with errant applications. LibreOffice, VMs for network testing, text-based programming, watching movies. No video editing or HD games -- though who knows.

Which of the Meerkat CPUs will give performance at least equal to my Asus assuming equal or greater RAM.