In regards to your original question the Phenom II 965 is faster.
I owned an FX-4100,(FX-4170 is the same exact chip except with a higher factory multiplier setting= faster clock,) it was decent but not nearly what they were cracked up to be.
I switched back to a Phenom in less than a week and havn't looked back once.
However I would suggest the 960T over the 965. Despite it's lower clock speed's the 960T is built on a "thuban die" so it is a 6 core with 2 cores disabled (that have roughly an 80% chance of unlocking stably) Where as the "deneb" 965 only has 4 cores on the die. 2nd reason is the 960T's memory controller supports DDR3-2000, the 965's only does 1333. In all reality paying for clocks on black edition chips is almost completely pointless because of their adjustable multipliers.