Question Which cpu should I get

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If he had the money to spend I would get the 10600K for the ability to overclock it can add a couple years to the time before you need to upgrade again. If on budget then the 3600 would be a better buy it might allow to get a bit better video card. The Intel is just going to be about 30 bucks more than the 3600X so in my opinion a better buy for the long term.
Decent motherboards seem to be more expensive as well and then you have to add the cost of a cpu cooler on top of that, so it's just not only about a price difference between cpu's.


That is true just depends on the budget. Buying the Z490 Extreme 4 and 10600K Tuesday to hand down my 4790K to my son that I still have no reason to replace other than to retire his 2500K. Reusing PSU's is the worst part but I have faith in both.
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