Question Which CPU was your very first one?


Sep 1, 2020
Were the CPU's evolving as much as they are now,lets say 10 years from example.
From 2011 to 2021,i7's.
So from a top notch cpu like i7 2700K back then,to a i7 11700K now,is the difference that big in comparison to lets say a Pentium MMX 200 (1997) and a Pentium Dual core E2140 (2007)?
Im just asking if they evolved fast as the i7's i mentioned and was the performance difference as big as the i7's on the Pentium side.
My opinion is no. Much of it is due the combination of we've basically optimized the hell out of everything (that or it's too much effort to squeeze out another 5%) and simply relying on clock speed improvements. Though I strongly attribute the performance bump of CPUs over the years to clock speed improvements as significant microarchitecture changes tended to only account for <15% IPC bumps. Anything higher is the exception.

To put it in another way, the Pentium III had a 500 MHz model. In one year, it had a 1GHz model using the same microarchitecture. That's already a 2x performance bump.

While it was silly for Intel to market clock speed as a sole indicator of performance, there was a kernel of truth to it.
The best thing I learned is that your dad will buy you a laptop no matter what. He still claims my friends pc (2 3090s, 128 gb ram, ryzen threadripper 3990x) is not as good as mine bc it is big
Why do you spend 40$ on a mouse?
What is wrong with this 4 dollar one?
Why do you want a mechanical keybaord,the old one works just fine!
Classical parent qoutes,but i dont mind them,since they dont understand the differences,but when i was young i didnt know the difference between a sock and a spoon and they taught me that,so i cant blame them for something they dont understand.
I simply get away with it by either "its my money" <- which always is,they stopped buying things for at idk 11-12,or by having good grades at the end of the year and they award me.
You just gotta be patient.
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Oct 2, 2019
oldest piece of computer hardware - November 1965
Yesss. Had a ton of similar boards from written off ЕС mainframe parts (USSR and East Germany made IBM System 360/370 clones - Chinese wasn't the first global copycats :p). Used them for spare parts - soldered out components for my pet DIY projects. Was happy as pig about a possibility to get them too.

That is not old. In school internship I worked on computer with 4 KB (yes, kilobytes) of RAM.
1980s right?
1989-1991, in VEF factory.

You do not know how much cringe you can find on tiktok (or techtok as they want to say).
There are little kids who probably watched 1 Linus's video and thought about telling people what to build.
Im talking about pairing a 5600X with H110M chipset..Buying cpu's with integrated graphics for a budget of 2000$,and then buying a 1650 super,and oh lord the raidmax psu's,especially the Raidmax Cobra 800W.
It really makes you cringe,a lot.
Any nation have their share of opportunistic weirdos who are willing to help (or "help", depending from their intentions) without a speck of knowledge about topic. Before Internet they usually was known only by people nearby. Public Internet without limits gave them huge playground. Top end CPU with iGPU may be legit case for someone who want upgrade to better GPU later, but didn't had CPU without iGPU in stores available for him. Can't judge without knowing the context. Raidmax Cobra PSU is understandable choice for people in Asia, Africa and some ex-USSR countries where median monthly income for a person is 150-200$. Still is not a wise choice to purchase blatant crap, but I can understand them. In begin of nineties my neto salary was 60$, I know how that is.


Win 10 Master
This forum is 90% of the reason i know so 'little' about pc's,compared to these guys above me.
But for a 16 year old i would say i know plenty of stuff.
Many more years to learn though.
The best thing i learned is that not everything that is more expensive or has more/higher letters/numbers is better,and you should always make sure you have a good powersupply with you.
Forums good place to learn what not to do from other people.
Older you get, the more you will find you don't know. the more you find out about windows, for instance, the deeper it seems to get.

Bigger numbers.. entire industry based on bigger numbers being better. Its why Intel never restarted at 10k with CPU naming, like they had before. Lets have an I9 99999999k cause big is better. Yawn.
Only spot bigger numbers mean less and less as they grow is NVME tfr speed as faster they get the less you can tell the difference from previous one. Can only go so fast.

PSU valuable lesson to learn early. took me a few PC to work out why my parts kept dying


Oct 2, 2019
I guess, I'll never forget how much laughter I had from my classmates when I told them what PC I was using, but it did the job and saved me from needing to spend money - that is until it's motherboard died, tech doesn't last forever :(
Correct. Especially now decade old systems works just fine if not burdened with tasks too hard for them. My work computer is decade old Dell workstation and it still works fine with very big C++ project in Eclipse CDT compiling, intraweb browsing and can run two large VirtualBox VMs (Ubuntu) inside in same time.

"Period appropriate AutoCad would run well" recalled memories about transition from command line/text mode to GUI era in mid-1990s. At that time every new CPU generation was huge performance improvement. Software sluggish on 386SX-25 was had normal speed on 386DX-40, fast on 486DX-40, very fast on 486DX-133 and achieved light speed on Pentium 100+. It was visible with naked eye. One my old friend data analyst who worked with Excel 4 on 386DX-40, got a new computer with 486DX-133 and Excel 5 and after first launch became unbelievably grumpy. Turned out he was disappointed about that he don't see how numbers in table cells are changing on recalculation anymore. A month passed until he got used to it.


Apr 30, 2019
Oh boy, time to show my age--Intel 80286 running at 10Mhz (yes, you read that right--10Mhz). We upgraded it to a 386dlc as well as a 486dlc and still have the machine.
A friend of mine used to make music in Reason on a 386 back in 2001-2003.
The PC would give a BSOD or stuttered if he used long piano chords. He had to export his projects in order to listen to the songs. 😁
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