Which desktop case and PSU is good for ASUS motherboard H81M-K with CPU Intel i7-4770 3.4Ghz and Geforce GTX 1060?



I have not a real budget in mind. The items you suggested look to be in a range of a total £150 which is good (of course if there are cheaper solutions is even better).

Looking at the picture of the "Fractacl Design Define C" that I have found here:


it looks having a common issue with my current case, like single slots for the graphic card output ports (dvi, etc).
not sure I understand correctly the "common problem". dual and triple slots cards will fit and work perfectly fine in this case.
I'm using a dual slot card with two monitors connected (DVI and HDMI) located on different levels in much smaller Define Nano S.
As for cheaper, I have not seen significantly cheaper PSU with acceptable quality - 5 pounds don't make real difference.


Ok thank you I got what you mean.
Do you think I can save something respect to my requirements (both case/psu)?
Also, how can I choose different case looks sticking with my requirements? Only Fractal Design Chase black works me?
Sure you can fit into half of your 150 budget if you really have to.
for example the below would cost ~85 pounds + couple of fans for the front intake:
https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/product/NGvRsY/bitfenix-case-bfcneo100wwxksrp - many other colors available.
but you get:
a. much lower quality PSU that is by far less reliable, with lower lifespan and not modular.
b. much lower quality case with by far worse airflow and much less convenient to build in.

you don't have to go with Fractal Design, it's an example of a really good case with reasonable price. there is also cheaper non glass version and even more cheaper non windowed version.

Don't forget that cases and PSU can serve you for many years. My oldest PSU is over 10years old and still fully functional even after many years of abuse.


Thank you, what you said sounds reasonable. I will stick with ur first suggestions.