Which Dimm Slots?


May 7, 2011
Hello, has any body figured out which 2 or more DIMM slots are used to get Dual channel function on the Gigabyte model GA-&BESH-RH (or-F2 rev) model I realize this is a socket 711 and a server MB and is 4 yrs old but the documentation is terrible and that model # comes up with 0 results on the GB site and the Tom's hardware site both. I just got 2x4 KST FB ECC for it and I have 4x1 KST FB ECC in there now. The smaller sticks just seem to reduce the speed. rated at 667 but should be 1333 at Dual function. also any other successful info on this board would be appreciated. Xeon 5140 dual core single, raid 5 with 3x40gb raptors. sata DVD burner lite-on, built in Dual NIC and Display and no other add ons. win2000 server shows 3.4GB ram as expected. Win7 64 bit showed all 12. got 12 with 4gb in A1, B1 and the 1gbs at C1,C2,D1,D2 but surely no dual channel that way... who knows? Manuel(sic),no help. probably 2x4gb in A1 and A2 way to go and park the other 4 sticks.