Which do I need? i5-7300HQ vs i7-7700HQ


Mar 27, 2015
I'm looking at buying a new laptop. I'm trying to stay under or around the $1000 mark. I'm currently looking at the Acer VX 15. I will utilize the laptop for a variety of things, from work (mostly office suite stuff), to gaming, and the occasional video editing. When I edit, I mostly use Avid studio and it is just personal stuff (movies of my kids or highlight films for our area sports teams). The i5 would save me about 100 bucks. Is that worth it or do I need the i7-7700? Also, will the drop to the i5 impact me much gaming? I do like to play RTS and strategy games ranging from Command and Conquer to Civilization. Any advice would be appreciated.
Video editing is a bit multi thread load heavy and gains more from more threads. Lets say your editing requirements are met today by 4 threads, but then tomorrow if you feel like raising the bar to more high end editing, those 4 threads might start to struggle to render decent frames. Some good video editing softwares like Vegas Pro or DaVinci Resolve scales better when more cores and threads are available. Also games like Civilization and For Honor are very cpu heavy and might not perform as well with the i5. Beside that you need to keep in mind that softwares/apps/games are becoming more demanding day by day and where $100 savings might help today, the life of the laptop is also curtailed by a year or two by that saving. I wouldnt go that route knowing that another $100 investment could have given me a year or two more on the same laptop.
Besides, if you are multitasking, 4 threads are not enough to handle much load considering that one or two app themselves will consume that simultaneously.
Considering all of the above, i7 would be a better investment today. Those are the facts, now its your call mate.