Which Driver to use on Win 10 for the MSI Geforce GTX 970 Gaming 4G - Newbie could use some quick help please


Dec 26, 2015
OK having experienced a performance boost replacing the Generic Windows 10 Intel NVMe SSD driver; I thought about upgrading replacing the GPUs generic Windows 10 Driver with the manufacturers latest BUT NOT the beta versions.

Currently it seems to work fine on the basic Windows 10 driver 10.18.13 dated 5/11/2015.

I looked on MSIs site for the driver for the exact GPU - its Version 355.82 24/8/2015.
But there is a link, saying for the latest Drivers see Geforce:-

On Nvidia's Geforce site, I see Ver 365.19 WHQL dated 13/5/2016.

So as its my first ever GPU - with no experience.

Q1. What, which if any do I update to?

Note I do not game, and I really favour the latest, but rock solid driver. Where reliability and no issues, far, far outweigh any small performance gain. All I do is edit very large pictures, plus very occasionally the odd time 1080p video, and later will render 4K video in a years time ( so until then not really an issue).

Sure, One could say leave it where it is, it works; but I guess there were quite a few updates to Windows 10 since August 2015 when MSI released their driver?

Q.2 Yes, Nvidia or Geforce make the GTX 970, but MSI do put their "flavour " into this design - so does that additional factor matter?

Q 3. Will the Geforce Driver be more likely to have sorted more problems than MSI's as they have feedback from MSI, Asus, EvGa etc. I.e. A bigger pool of issues to resolve.

I really could use some experienced views on this.
As tonight I need to progress and load lots of adobe software and some very fussy Plug ins. So I Would prefer to update all drivers prior to that.

Many thanks

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