Question Which Elgato to buy?

Jul 20, 2019
Should I get the Elgato HD, HD60, or HD60s to record my Xbox One, given the specs of my laptop and pc?

Hi guys I would appreciate your input on this. I am looking to start making Machinimas on my Xbox One and would like to get a capture card. My only problem is that my laptop isn't that great when it comes to specs required for the Elgato HD60s. I am considering on acquiring the Elgato HD instead because it most likely will work with my laptop. My laptop specs are as follows:
Processor- Quad Cores AMD A8-7410 APU @2.25 GHz
Graphics/Display- AMD Radeon R5 Graphics
OS- Windows 10 Home
RAM- 12.0 GB

Now I am asking to also know what are the downfalls if I purchase the HD60 and run it through my laptop for my Xbox. Will it compromise the record quality and frames per second? If not and the only big downfall would be speed then I would have no problem dealing with it and get the HD60 instead or even the HD60s. My endgame is to be able to record 1080p. 60fps would be nice but not required. Also I will list my PC specs:
Processor- Quad Cores Intel Core i3-8100 CPU @3.60GHz
Video/Display- Intel UHD Graphics 630
OS- Windows 10 Home
RAM- 8.00 GB

If need be, I will use my PC instead as long as I can get the most out of the capture card. What is the best capture card for me to use in this situation and should I use it with the PC or Laptop? Also, if anyone knows of any other capture cards that will work with my specs just fine while offering the best output I can get I would like to know.
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Jul 6, 2018
neither the HD60 or HD60s will be compatible, they both require a GPU at least as powerful as something in GeForce GTX 600 series, and the Radeon R5 is nowhere near it. as well as the CPU, the A8-7410 isn't powerful enough compared to the recommended i5-4xxx CPU's. so anyway, HD60 and HD60s wont work. Elgato HD on the other hand is a lot lighter, unfortunately i couldn't find GPU requirements but the CPU minimum is a 2.0ghz dual core so i'm sure it doesn't need a high-end GPU either. so that's it, you can't use the HD60 and HD60s, HD is your best bet, get that.

unfortunately your PC specs are nearly just as bad, i'm not sure what exactly the downfalls would be to using an HD60 on a low-end machine but according to benchmarks, your GPU's and CPU's are WAAAAY off of what is required. i wouldn't recommend it