Question which enterprise switches have a good web interface for traffic shaping

Oct 1, 2020
What do you recommend for access switch upgrades? Needs to be enterprise quality and a easy to follow to setup vlans as well as traffic shaping per port. I know there are several enterprise switches out there that handle it but the main feature is to have a web based interface that even a monkey can set up the traffic shaping. We already have Cisco switches and they are a pain for an operator to change the settings.
You have to be very careful about your terminology. Almost no switch has traffic "shaping" they generally only have traffic "policing". The huge difference is shaping stores data in buffer where policing must make a immediate discard or transmit. The key performance difference is where there are large burst of data you can still lose data where a shaper can delay it.

The reason switches use policing rather than shaping is because they do not want to delay data at all. This is why a switch is considered non blocking or wire speed. Now this appears to have become more advanced since they can do NAT in asic but generally this is a firewall feature so it would be rare to find it in any switch.

Most cisco switches do have a web interface to configure them. There is a also software manager that will actually generate configuration files you can just paste the config in. It tends to be simpler for some people to use. There are a bunch of third party apps to generate cisco configs from even network diagrams.

HP also have web interface but I find their kinda messy. Then again they seem to have multiple variations with all the switch lines tey have. There enterprise device are a bit different than the ones they sell to smaller business.

In any case any form of QoS stuff is very complex to design. Actually getting the configuration into the switch is a secondary concern in most cases.