Question Which equipment should I buy for completely disassembly and reassembly an old pc?

Jun 17, 2019
Hello, I'm a new user, my name is Davide and I'm from Italy, Sicily in Palermo.

I've found an old pc, and because I've never disassembled or assembled one and I've thought that this could be the right opportunity to do this experiece with this old piece of hardware, however I do not know where to start and the first thing I would like to do is buying the right equipment, the inside of the pc is full of dust and I would like to clean it really well.

So, my first preoccupation is the electrostatic discharge and for this reason I would like to buy on Amazon this antistatic wrist and this antistatic mat, anyone of you has used these products before and if so, what do you think about the quality? Should I buy other models? I do not have any experience in electronics and for this reason do not know which items should I pick.