Question Which .exe file to use for setting up Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver and Asus Intel Extreme Tuning Utility

Jan 26, 2021
So I have an Asus Z390 Gaming E mobo on a brand new PC (first build ever) and I have downloaded the Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver zip file from the Asus Armoury Crate. I unzipped it and there are 2 .exe files: AsusSetup.exe and SetupRST.exe. I had just dl'ed the Asus Intel Extreme Tuning Utility and it had 2 .exe files as well (AsusSetup.exe and XTUSetup.exe). With that I ran the AsusSetup.exe. When I tried to run the other XTUSetup file (the bigger of the two) it gave me some message about modifying the setup: "You may have changed system settings from within XTU. To restore your system to its defaults:"... then it gives me what to do with buttons for options, uninstall and close. I didn't mess with that but it was the larger file as well. So I am not sure I have the right application installed for that. I need to know which application file to run for the Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver. And should I uninstall the extreme tuning utility and try the other XTUSetup file?


Win 10 Master