Question Which features are the most important for business VPN?

What is a business vpn really. Pretty much this article is just the standard what vpn is best. What difference does it really make if your traffic comes out of you local ISP and goes to the server or it first goes via a encrypted vpn to the vpn service provider and then comes out into the internet. The data can just as easily be intercepted at either point.

This is why you use HTTPS or other secure methods to transfer data then it does not matter if it is intercepted. This pretty much does away with most needs for vpn.

VPN is now days mostly used to get past geo content blocks or to try to hide something you are doing that you do not want tracked back to you. Not sure what business is up to so much dishonest stuff they need to worry about someone finding out.

A true business vpn would be more to connect mulitple office together securely but none of these services offer that. Many times a service like MPLS is used because of better performance and the data stays on the ISP private network.
The need for remote access is another common need of vpn and again none of these services offer that. Having a remote access also solve the problems of geo blocking because you have access to whatever the main office has. It also allows content restriction and filtering if that is needed.

Pretty much this article comes down to I need to buy a bunch of client based VPN accounts and I want them all to be billed to my business. I am not sure which vpn provider is best for that,
Aug 16, 2019
Me and some co-workers were looking for a business VPN to mainly use as a tool to get past geo-blocking, so we chose NordVPN Teams, I see this is on their list, so pretty good pick. We are a small business (6 people) so it's more than enough for us. At the end of the day it all comes down to your needs so choose what feel right.



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