Question Which file sharing protocol would be the best for remote access and supported by Windows 10?

Apr 27, 2019
I have a little home server. I have set up an SFTP and SMB share. The problem is that SFTP is not supported by Windows 10's File Explorer, SMB is good locally but as I read feedback, it's pretty dangerous to open it on the router.
The reason why I need it to be supported by Windows is because I would like to set it up for my dad to work. He is not a tech geek, so I want to make a shared drive in the File Explorer for him at work. I can use SFTP with apps like FileZilla, but I want to make it even simpler. :D
What file sharing protocols should I use to access my Work-Storage at home remotely which is safe and supported my Windows' File Explorer?
I would be very happy if it's supported by macOS' Finder app as I'm the only Mac user :DD


Jan 29, 2008
You can set up a vpn or use remote software like pc anywhere.

The former needs a dedicated vpn. OpenVPN is common and free. It will run a
On a raspberryPi

Pc anywhere is super easy to setup and use giving you full remote control of your pc. You can transfer files locally to your local machine too.
The only disadvantage of the later is you need a pc on 24/7
What is the internet like on both sides?
openssh has much better cipher support than openvpn. chacha20/poly1305 can hit 1Gbs.

openvpn will be easier to use and can give greater network access. if it's <100Mbs it's very viable. hardware crypto is nice because it won't use cpu (AES-GCN).