Which game device best for general use


May 21, 2012
My husband and I are of the older generation, and we want to purchase a game machine that we could play NFL/NCAA football, golf, anything BUT war games!!

Our Wii is gathering dust. Which new purchase would be best: Xbox or PS

PlayStation 3 - 10.6 percent
Wii - 6.8 percent
Xbox 360 - 54.2 percent

PlayStation 3 - 14.7 percent
Wii - 11 percent
Xbox 360 - 41.2 percent

PlayStation 3 - 12.4 percent
Wii - 6 percent
Xbox 360 - 69.9 percent

Sony - 51.1 percent
Nintendo - 56.1 percent
Microsoft - 37.7 percent

for the above reasons alone i would say get the ps3...
they are the most accurate failrate numbers for 2011-2012 so if you get a 360 even the newest build theres a 50/50 change you will be sending it back within a year... which isnt good enough.
personally i wouldn't bother with either as there gonna be replaced (this time next year they will either start rolling them out or giving release dates for xmas 2013)
if you can find a ps3 cheap then yeah but dont go spending heaps on em coz they just aint worth it.


May 17, 2012
Overall I'd say get an Xbox 360. Many people who have both a PS3 and an Xbox 360 say the Xbox 360 is better. Although PS3's online multiplayer is free, Xbox 360 has more games to offer and offers apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus, xfinity, HBO Go, Youtube, ESPN, Zune, Last.Fm, Vevo and much more. Not to mention, Xbox's Kinect is far more superior than that of PS3 and Wii.

And @HEXiT, those stats were before Microsoft fixed the main problem "Red Rings of Death". There used to be a huge problem with Microsoft where the Xbox's Hard Drive would fry, causing the 3 Red Rings of Death. Since Microsoft came out with the new Slim Xbox 360, this problem no longer exists. Also, the new Slim Xbox has a 250 GB Hard Drive.
sorry dude there not. the numbers got worse last year... like i said 2011-2012... there not just rrd numbers there backplate numbers, de-soldering numbers, over heat numbers and so on... the fault rate is still at over 50 percent because the xbox 4g is still cheaply made and accounts for over 65% of current sales the games are great but the console is junk, always has been and always will be... the xbox slims fail rate is around 25% which is an improvement but still not good enough..
please feel free to google it yourself and you will see the numbers are rite and your fanboi isnt...

zZ Cory

May 23, 2012
I would recommend the new Xbox 360 slim over the PS3 slim. Although you do pay for Xbox live membership rather than free online membership with the PS3, the Xbox is just so much better. I currently own both and only play the few games that are not made for the 360 on my PS3. I don't know if Hexit's numbers are correct seeing as he didn't post a source and the new improved Xbox 360 was recently introduced so there are people still out there with old faulty systems which may play into the reason on why Xbox failure rates are much higher, but yes, the old Xbox use to overheat a lot. But the new Xbox 360 slim has a much lower failure rate. Also, as stated above, the Xbox 360 has the Kinect which towers over the PS3's failed attempt to copy the Wii. I would recommend a new 360. Don't get cheap 4gb one though as the space will become full quickly.

The PS3 also has apps like HULU, Amazon video on demand, Netflix, as well as sony online video, and more, so that's a wash. The xbox has more games? Other than xbox exclusives, most all games are available for all platforms. PS3 has exclusives too.

And for the rest of you, the OP never said they need or want motion controllers. I find them useless as the accuracy on them isn't normally that great.

I've used both xbox and the PS3. I like the PS3 better. Online gaming is free, I can watch blu ray movies, and most of my friends are on the PS3. If you play a lot of multiplayer, then I'd check what most of your friends have as you will most likely be playing with them. Both boxes have their pro's and con's, but I prefer the ps3.


Jun 2, 2012
I have both the XBOX 360 and the PS3. Both are the slim model. PS3 online is free, so you don't have to feel your money is wasted when you aren't playing online. I like the Move's "Sports Champions" better than "Kinect sports". The ps3 also can play
blu-ray and has lots of apps, and even a photo gallery app. Also, I have noticed that many older PS3 games are now being released to be downloaded from the PSN for only 10 or 15 dollars. For only $50 more, I feel the PS3 has a lot more multimedia and family games than the X-Box 360, which is more geared towards fighting games like Call of Duty and Skyrim.


Feb 9, 2012
This debate will never be solved. The numbers listed above are can not be anywhere near correct. Xbox has greatly improved there new models. I have both and my ps3 collects dust.

The xbox is just an easier, more user friendly interface. I know it doesn't have a blue-ray player but that is about all you are missing out on.

You can find deals for xbox live at a discounted rate on amazon all the time. So the point that ps3 is free, its free because it is no where near as good as xbox live.

You just have to make a decision and move forward with it and hope its the right one, for YOU.