Question Which gaming console should I buy ?


Feb 20, 2022
should i buy ps3 or xbox 360 E ?
both of them are used
my only criteria is it should be able to play online.
btw sorry if my english is bad
Are there even still online servers for these two?
I would choose the PS3 because you can easily change the HDD to a bigger one while for the xbox you have to hack it just to use larger drives, and also you need extra hardware for the hdd if it's not included.
But of course this assumes you have a lot of games for either of them that should be your main concern, get the one that comes with the most discs.


Mar 31, 2014
Both play online, but online capability for these games are being shut down every month, so be wary of that. Additionally, ps3, ps2 and ps1 games are being added to Playstation's online service, PS+, so there's that too. Playstation has great exclusives. As for Xbox, there's no real reason to get one since all their games are also on pc, unless you don't have a pc that can handle games.