Mr. Smith

Dec 25, 2021
As I play Rainbow Six Siege, my current hardware specs are ( Ryzen 5 3500X, 5500 XT Oc 4 Gb, and 16 GB 3200mhz Pny Xlr8 rams).
So which monitor will be best from these two ? :

  • Gigabyte G24F 23.8" 170Hz Full HD IPS Gaming Monitor
  • MSI Optix G241 23.8" 144Hz 1ms FreeSync Full HD Gaming Monitor
However, if there is any alternative you can also suggest it.

Thank you.
Hey there,

Well, looking at both they are very similar. In terms of contrast ratio, refresh rate (although the Gigabyte is slightly faster).

If Esport games or absolute fastest FPS/refresh then the Gigabyte would prob win out. But they are so alike. COlour gamut coverage is similar for both too.

What's the pricing of both? Prob go with whichever is cheapest. They will both perform similarly, apart form the slightly faster refresh of the Gigabyte.

To consider another option, my own is an AOC 24G2U. It's pretty solid too. And very reasonable for the price. The model I have has a 4 port USB hub, with upstream downstream, so when you plug in a mouse it's recognised by the PC. Quite handy.
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