Question Which gaming monitor to buy??


Feb 17, 2014
Hi everyone. I will be buying a gaming monitor veey soon and want some advice.
My pc has an rtx 2060 super and I7 9700K and 32gb ddr4.

I want to play on 4k, basically I want to know which monitor you all think is best, I want 32inch minimum and would like 120hz or above and gsync. Also do you advise to get a monitor with gsync? As in do I actually need gsync?

I don't play any first person shooters, I'm an rpg guy if that's important info lol.

If you think the 2060 super isn't powerful enough to run 4k with minimum 60fps then I'll have to rethink things and maybe upgrade my gpu first.

Thanks in advance


Win 10 Master
You don't really need G Sync anymore as a lot of new monitors that support Free sync 2 will work with RTX cards now. I got a new monitor today and it isn't officially a G Sync monitor but it will work with my 2070 Super.

that saves a bit of money on the Monitor.

2060 should be able to run 4k at 60, my GTX 980 could do that much. Its how much more it can do that is the question. 2070S tops out at around 100 on a 1440p monitor, so it won't be more than that at 4k.

I just downgraded from a 4k 60 hz monitor to a 2k 144hz monitor. My GPU can't run it at max speed so room to upgrade GPU in future.

I don't have a fav screen or best choice for you as what I want isn't the same as others.